• VMS Auto Braking System

    We have been fitting auto braking systems on wheeled loaders since 1987.

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    VMS Auto Braking System
  • Banksman

    This is available as a warning system or automatic braking system for refuse trucks.

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  • Sensor Vision

    Sensor Vision warning system is fitted to all types of mobile plant.

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    Sensor Vision
  • Easy Set up

    Custom detection area can be simply programmed into the radar using the graphical user interface.

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    Easy Set up
  • Watch our Video

    Play the video to see how our system operates and how easy it is to set up.

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Ogden radars are used in many applications. We can supply separate radars for OEM applications but we also supply complete solutions for the most popular applications using our range of cab displays and logic boxes to interface with the host machine or vehicle. Many of these systems include logging facilities.

Sensor Vision System

This is a warning system designed originally for quarry vehicles. It is the simplest system in our range and consists of a radar and a cab display. The system provide three stages of audible and visual warning. The radar can be pre-programmed or programmed on site to give the optimum detection zone for each application for maximum protection with minimum unwanted alarms

The system is simple to install. The display unit is connected to the vehicle power supply and a four wire cable connects the cab unit to the radar.

Although the system is designed to operate without reference to reverse gear, there is provision to feed up to two gear signals to the cab unit and to give an output signal when the radar alarms. In most installations the system is used to activate the CCTV monitor if the radar alarms when the monitor is in standby mode.

The cab unit is also available in a waterproof housing for applications where the cab is not enclosed.

Ogdens sensor vision system

VMS (Quarry Vehicle Auto Braking System)

This system is a development of the original system first installed in the 1980's and known then as Vehicle Monitoring System (VMS). Quarry machines typically have high pressure hydraulic actuated brakes and a wide variety of gear selection and control systems. Our specialist installation partners Towny Branford Ltd can provide advice and assistance on installation.

The system provides three stages of detection. The outer two provide warnings with the inner stage triggering automatic braking. Each stage can be pre-programmed or programmed on site to give the optimum detection zones for the specific application.

To allow the system to be optimised for changing operational conditions three different sets of detection zones can be selected by the driver for different working conditions or automatically in response to reversing speed.

These features ensure maximum protection with minimum unwanted alarms.

Machine Interface

The VMS system uses the Brake Logic Box (BLB) to interface to the machine and this is programmable to suit each type of machine. Gear signals are taken from gear selector signals and/or solenoid signals or from the CANBUS where available

Ogdens machine interface

Brake Application

The brakes are applied by putting a shuttle valve into the service brakes system (or systems). A special valve block has been developed by the UK installation specialists (www.townybranfordltd.co.uk) to combine the solenoid valve, the shuttle valve and fittings for pressure switches which monitor the driver's brake application and the VMS brake application.

Ogdens brake application

Driver Interface & Event Logger

VMS systems offer the facility for the driver to select the detection zone from three pre-programmed patterns stored in the radar. When working in a very tight area he may need a smaller pattern which would be unsuitable when reversing more quickly in an open area. On some machines it is possible to measure the vehicle speed and auto change the detection zone to suit the speed. Some customers have requested a light bar on top of the cab to indicate which detection zone is selected. Most installations have an indicator light at the rear which flashes if the auto braking is being overridden or if the system has detected a fault.

The BLB contains a logging function which records the time and date of system events and operations. The cab unit contains a menu function which allows the log to be interrogated. However the log records all signals and events and we provide PC based software to down load and view data filtered by event or by time and date range.

Ogdens driver interface Ogdens Event Logger


This is the system developed with our UK distributor (www.vision-techniques.com), adapting the Sensor Vision system to refuse collection vehicles. With some additional features

In reverse gear, the system acts as a reversing collision detection system but in neutral gear the cab unit switches the radar to a longer range detection pattern which is used to trigger a light board at the rear of the vehicle to warn approaching motorists of the refuse collection operators in the area.

Also, the system can be wired to operate strobe lights at the rear of the vehicle to warn people behind the vehicle if they trigger a detection alarm. (Strobe lights are usually preferred to audible warnings to minimise noise in urban areas.)

Banksman Auto Braking

This system has been developed with our UK distributor Vision Techniques, to apply auto braking to refuse vehicle installations. Auto braking requires secure gear detection and fortunately CANBUS gear selection is available on refuse vehicles.

The unique feature of the radar to create the shape and size of detection zone required, enables this system to operate in narrow back streets and other tight operational conditions. Detection zone selection is coupled to reversing speed information from the CANBUS to create a reliable detection system providing maximum protection with minimum unwanted alarms

Ogdens Event Logger

Vehicle Interface & Brake Application

Because of the nature of refuse vehicle operation it has proved necessary to change the detection zone with the speed of the vehicle, which is available though the CANBUS. In many parts of the UK, refuse vehicles frequently need to reverse along narrow back streets with many parked vehicles so the detection zone needs to be very closely matched to the width of the vehicle to make this application practical. The unique features of the Ogden radar are very important to achieving this.

Typically, braking is applied to the emergency/parking brake on the vehicle but the service brake can be used where EBS is available and the vehicle manufacturer approves.

Event Logger

This system uses the BLB to interface with the vehicle and contains a logging function which records the time and date of system events and operations. We provide PC based software to download and view data filtered by event or by time and date range.

Ogdens Event Logger